I have recommended Sarah to others and will continue to do so in the future!

Making the decisions to see Sarah was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. A two hour session has not only lifted me but it’s now guided me back to a path I can now cope with and allows  me now to see exciting new possibilities. Imagine what a few more sessions can achieve!! Thank you Sarah.. So much!!!

– Farrah. Hove


I’ve had the privilege to work with Sarah, observe some of her client sessions and  have a session with her myself. Sarah is a wonderful therapist, very caring, kind, patient and warm hearted. She has this gift of making you feel really at ease and safe while being fully present and really listening to every word. She’s very professional and skilled in her therapeutic approach, combining Solution-Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. I’ve seen her change somebody’s life in as little as one session. Sarah is very gentle yet focused, always making sure her clients feel safe and heard. She has this relaxing aura around her that makes all your troubles go away. I highly recommend Sarah as a therapist. You couldn’t ask for a more caring, authentic and helpful practitioner. Thank you for being who you are. You make the world a better place!

– Sandy. Brighton


A friend recommended Sarah to me earlier in the year as i was having some anxiety issues. I was recovering from an illness and had lost some of my confidence and was feeling anxious and worried.

On meeting Sarah she immediately made me feel welcome and relaxed. She helped me to realise and gave me some tools that i needed to to enable me to keep relaxed and come to term with my illness and to look to the future. She gave me some hypnosis which helped me to be calm with her soft toned voice and i felt relaxed and in safe hands throughout. Sarah was a stranger when we met but i left feeling like i have known her for years. Shes a lovely person.

I have recommended Sarah to others and will continue to do so in the future

-Julie. Eastbourne


I was introduced to Sarah via a previous therapist and i couldn’t of asked for a better person to be the one to support me through a time i needed a professionals help the most.

The first time i met her, she made me feel so welcome and comfortable to talk to about what was troubling me. She has such a personal touch and is very easy to talk to. It was like id known her for ages and i know i had come to the right place.

Sarah has provided me with some powerful tools which have helped me to stay grounded and move forward in my life.

These tools help me on a daily basis and i use them when i notice when things feel like they are feeling tough and unmanageable, they help me turn the thoughts around quickly to carry on your day on a positive.

Not only has Sarah been a great support in practice , she has been there out of hours for me when ive had some break downs to get me back on track on certain days.

She has helped me stop the self hate thoughts and use my energy for more positive actions.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety noticeably for the past four years now and thought there was no way out and no one understood and couldn’t help , until i met sarahs and with her continuous support she has provided me , i can now see a positive and calmer future.
I couldn’t of asked for anyone better. 🙂



Sarah is amazing! After one session a phobia I have had for years is gone!! I feel so relieved and feel as if a weight has been lifted! Sarah is so lovely and caring and keeps in touch after the session to see how I am getting on! I am so grateful to Sarah, it is amazing how much difference one session has made to my life! thank you so so much!!



After losing my baby girl at birth I found myself in an incredibly low place, I was stuck, afraid of life and scared to live without her. No amount of love, care and support was going to save me….. I was angry, in pain, lonely and unable to help myself, eventually I reached out and gained the specialised support I needed from Sarah and have never looked back….. In just a few months I am happier today than I have ever been, I will always be heartbroken but thanks to Sarah it is now manageable. I can cope, I have been able to accept it, I can continue my life without all that guilt I felt. I am at peace with the trauma that has turned my life upside down, I am happy I know my baby girl is safe and not alone! With Sarah’s continuous support I am confident I can achieve anything and everything!
From the deepest darkest place in my life I wouldn’t be where I am today without this lady, she truly is incredibly talented and caring!! Sarah you are amazing and I couldn’t recommend you and the work you do enough!!



Sarah is a very gifted therapist. She is a great listener, very knowledgeable and has this unique ability to make you feel better instantly. I’ve had several sessions with her and things have really changed in my life. I love the fact that she’s taught me several tools for me to use on a day-to-day basis, plus she keeps in touch with me in between sessions to check my progress. I’m very grateful to have had the privilege to work with Sarah and I recommend her to anyone who wants to make changes in their life.



I saw Sarah after my Mum had passed away and was struggling a bit with a few other issues . I felt at ease straight away and felt that Sarah was easy to talk to . She has helped me deal with my grief and feel more confident about things . She has given me some coping techniques which has helped enormously. I would definitely recommend her to anyone . Thanks Sarah ! X

🌟Clare Rowe

I went to see Sarah with stress and anxiety as a result of three traumatic events within two weeks. I was also under a lot of pressure at University with essay deadlines and exams. Working with Sarah was amazing, even after the first session I noticed a change. She helped me understand what I was going through and started to teach me strategies that have been invaluable in my progress. The help Sarah has given me over the sessions has been brilliant, I am now back to my old self and the results I have achieved at Uni have surpassed my wildest dreams and I know I would not have managed any of it without her help.
The help, support and strategies she has given me not only helped at the time but I believe will help me throughout the rest of my Life.
Thank you Sarah

🌟Harrison Rolls-King

Just had a wonderful review From one of my lovely past clients….

This beautiful lady has helped me so, so much these past few months. To understand my brain, my character, to rekindle my creativity and most importantly guiding me onto the road of loving myself again. Perhaps she could help you too .

🌟Ali Parris


Seeing Sarah has transformed my life. I’ve been seeing Sarah for some time now, first as part of my weight loss journey now couples therapy. Sarah has taught us so much already but we haven’t completed our journey as yet. Sarah is very knowledgeable, empathetic, caring and compassionate. Sarah explains things in a way that you can incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily life. I was very sceptical about therapy in the first place especially the kind of therapy that Sarah offers but we are now believers. Sarah is a big part of our family as we regularly ask ourselves “what would Sarah’s advise be” or refer back to the notes she makes during our sessions. I’ve referred my family and friends to her and they too agree how refreshing it is to meet someone that understands you and doesn’t come across patronising in anyway. When we are struggling between sessions, Sarah is there by phone. We can’t recommend her enough. As I’ve said, our journey is not yet at an end, put with Sarah’s help, we’ll get there in a fun, caring emotional fashion that we have come be accustomed to.


after gambling was wrecking my life for over 7 years, since I’ve been able to gamble, attending Gamblers anonymous every week and seeing Sarah I’m now very proud that I can finally say I’ve now been clean for over 5 months. Sarah is incredible at what she does, I was so nervous as I didn’t know what to expect but she was lovely and put me at ease on what to expect.
My life is in a much better place now..

Billy James Adams

A very good friend of mine started seeing Sarah last year after experiencing regular anxiety and stress meltdowns over the past six years. These gradually got worse over time and he knew the time was right to change this.
After not being able to complete a course he was taking due to his anxiety attacks, he finally plucked up the courage to go and see someone. Sarah was fantastic from the moment they started working together.
With each session, he started to become more confident and comfortable with himself. He started to get his life back on track and stopped reliving the traumas of the past and before long, stopped trying to be someone that he is not!
Sarah uses a range of techniques tailored to each individual and she supported my friend throughout their time working together. I was really impressed with how she goes out of her way to be a complete support.
She was amazing in how she has transformed my friend’s life and this is highlighted by the fact that he is intending to travel around Australia and New Zealand in November/December. This would have seemed almost impossible this time last year.
Thank you Sarah for everything you have done and keep up the good work.

Ollie Miller

I started seeing Sarah in October 2016 after loosing our son full term to still birth. “Put it in a box, you can’t change it” that’s what I was told…. that box could not survive this storm though and after realising that I was no longer in control of my thoughts or feelings I turned to Sarah. My friend recommended her and advised she specialises in birth, miscarriage and pregnancy, after being told by medical professionals that all I needed was some cognitive behavioural therapy I knew this was not the case, I knew what was causing my anxiety I just didn’t know how I was ever going to overcome my grief.
I called Sarah and we instantly bonded, I’m not sure how she understood my through my tears but I was immediately reassured that she could help me make the storm ease. I arranged to see her a couple of weeks later, I can’t tell you the amount of times I wanted to cancel or to drive the other way…im so glad I carried on though.
So here I am 9months on from my first session content and confident with the person I’ve become. Nothing will take away my pain and loss but with Sarah’s help I am ready to face my grief, challenge it and can now happily say I’m “singing in the rain”.

Zoe King


My daughter had hypnotherapy for a spider phobia. We had never experienced hypnotherapy before but we were open to the possibilities that it could bring. This is what my daughter who is 10 years old had to say :
“Sarah is so so so kind and hypnotherapy really works! I would recommend Sarah to anybody, she is such a lovely person. I feel great about spiders now, I have been able to even touch them. Sarah has helped me to live my life in a much better way! Thank you Sarah!”
I was incredibly impressed with Sarah and her overall demeanour. She instantly made us both feel relaxed and I trusted her with my child, which is what any parent wants. Sarah really has changed my daughters life and since then my husband has also received treatment! I feel as though I need to find a reason too just to experience Sarah’s great work! Thank you Sarah! As a side note Sarah’s home is lovely and certainly adds to the calm, relaxation and safety that you feel in her company

Chrissie Murray